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History of Masuda Middle School and the Masuda Library

It is the year 2008 and if all had gone according to plan, you and all your fellow Masuda family (students, teachers and staff) would not be here. You see, Masuda was supposed to be a temporary school. The Fountain Valley student population was growing by leaps and bounds in the 1970s. Masuda was built to help accommodate the increase in student enrollment.


Many thanks to Susan Grantham (former Office Manager at Masuda and current Executive Assistant to the Superintendent) for the following facts:

1. Masuda is smaller in acreage than the average Fountain Valley School. Masuda is built on 8.8 acres of land. Most of the other schools occupy 13 to 14 acres of land.

2. If you have a class in the back of the B-Core or C-Core, note that the classroom sits on a wooden floor and not a concrete foundation (temporary remember)?

3. Opening in the 1975-1976 school year, Masuda was originally a K-8 school. Masuda became a middle school in the 1983-1984 school year. It was the second school to become a middle school, following Talbert which became a middle school in 1982-1983. Fulton would become the third middle school in 1983-1984.


As a middle school, Masuda has had 5 librarians-- Janet Lilley, Sheryl Hamlin, Sue Crosby, Anne Williams and Lily Lew. Janet Lilley (1982-1983, 1983-1984) was at Masuda for 2 years. She was the last elementary school librarian and the first middle school librarian. She transitioned the Masuda Library from K-8 to 6-8. The "younger books" were sent to various Fountain Valley elementary schools. Books for "older readers" were sent from Masuda's feeder schools (Cox, Plavan, Gisler, Nieblas)to Masuda. Sheryl Hamlin (1984-1985, 1985-1986, 1986-1987) and Sue Crosby (1987-1988) saw to it that the transition continued smoothly and added to the Masuda collection. The Anne Williams era (1988-1989 through 1995-1996)introduced the first computers into the Masuda Library. They were stand-alone computers that accessed information from discs and CD-Roms. Anne also oversaw the first re-modeling of the Masuda Library since it became a middle school library. In 1995-1996, it was envisioned that the Masuda Library should become a true media center. Partial walls were built around the formerly open-access library and a computer lab was added as a companion facility to the library.

The current librarian, Lily Lew, became Masuda's 5th librarian in November of 1996 during the 1996-1997 school year. Some changes that have taken place since then include the automation of the Masuda Library in November/December of 1998 and a second renovation of the library in the 2005-2006 school year.

Janet Lilley    Masuda Librarian

Sheryl Hamlin    Masuda Librarian

Sue Crosby    Masuda Librarian

Anne Williams    Masuda Librarian